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The DAN CARTER KICKING TEE is a revolutionary product that helps rugby players improve their kicking accuracy and consistency.

The tee is endorsed by Dan Carter one of the greatest rugby players of all time who has scored over 1500 points in international matches.

The tee is made of durable and flexible material that can withstand any weather conditions and terrain.

The DAN CARTER KICKING TEE SUPERTEE is the ultimate tool for rugby enthusiasts who want to take their game to the next level.

Dan Carter Tees have been designed to adjust to all kicking styles and angles. From amateur to pro.

With its wide stable base the SUPERTEE Carter has been technologically designed to increase goal kicking accuracy.


– The SUPERTEE kicking tee range creates a regular height to kick the ball from.

– The sweet spot of the ball is clearly exposed to the kicker.

– The SUPERTEE kicking tee range is very light so there is almost no impact on contact.

– A special mix of materials have been incorporated into the design to hold the ball firmly on the tee yet allowing the ball to slip off easily when the ball is kicked.

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