Rhino Tornado XV Match Rugby Ball


Get ready to dominate the field with the Rhino Tornado XV Match Ball – our affordable entry-level match ball.

Designed for optimal performance and durability, this match ball features Rhino’s Max Pimple Grip pattern, which offers superior handling and control on the field. The high-quality latex bladder, complete with an in-seam valve, ensures the best possible flight, so you can make accurate passes and score with ease.

The Tornado XV Match Ball is constructed with 3 ply for maximum durability, and is counter-balanced for perfect flight, ensuring that every pass and kick is on point. Hand-stitched for exceptional quality and reliability, this match ball is the perfect choice for all players who want to take their game to the next level.

Upgrade to the Rhino Tornado XV Match Ball and experience the ultimate in performance and value. Order now and start dominating the field like never before!


– Hand stitched rugby ball with 3-ply laminated construction and high-tech latex bladder.

– MAX pimple grip pattern ensures best and most reliable handling and grip of the rugby ball.

– Counter balanced and pre-kicked rugby ball.

– Affordable and reliable rugby ball, perfect for any conditions.

– Arrives deflated.

SIZE: 4, 5

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